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Understanding the Development of the Tiger

Wildlife enthusiasts planning on taking a Tiger safari might want to know a little about the evolution of the tiger creature. An apex predator, it is superbly adapted to the function, the descendent of a proud line that many biologists trace back to the ancient Sabre-Toothed cats.

  • Adaptations

The Tiger is this impressive Creature and efficient hunter as a result of multiple adaptations. Lots of the features that people consider while on Tiger safari are in reality part of the creature’s toolkit for survival – including its most iconic feature, its striped coat. Providing excellent camouflage, thick coating ideal for freezing landscapes, which makes it right at home in the vibrant forests and grasslands of the Indian subcontinent. Its powerful, compact body makes it an exceptional predator, capable of swimming, running, and jumping so ardently that witnesses often compare it.

  • Origins

The origins and early development Of the Tiger are hotly contested amongst palaeontologists. Fossils dating from two million years ago show us a monster with direct lineage to the contemporary creature. A recent find may offer a good deal of answers, in addition to new questions. The fossil in question is a skull dated to about 2.5 million years ago, remarkably like the skulls of the animals you may see on Tiger safari now. Located in China, it gives credence to the concept that the South China Tiger is the source of extant subspecies – and it informs us that the animal’s early adaptations were so powerful that it is barely needed to evolve for at least two and a half million years ago

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  • Today

It is testament to their superb Genetic makeup which these glorious creatures became the top predator in so many varied areas by virtue of its exceptional adaptations, the species should be one of nature’s great success stories, and yet human action has pushed it into almost the verge of extinction. But, human conservation efforts will also be giving these creatures hope for survival. With greater awareness of the importance in local and worldwide communities, vital measures are being taken everybody, from international leaders to tiger tours participants, contribute to the consciousness, which in turn helps us to find out more about their role in ecosystems past, present and, hopefully, future.

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